Welcome to the webpage of „Bee Brotherhood”.

„Bee Brotherhood” is the organization with an objective to popularize bee-friendly beekeeping carried on with unity and balance with the rules of Nature.

We want to look at bees in a different way than the majority of the beekeeping community. We want to convince to cooperate with the bees in the ways that will allow to keep balance between their needs and honey production. We believe that keeping bees with coherency with their true nature will be benefiting bees and beekeepers in the long term.

On our webpage You will find information about how beekeepers in many parts of the world keep bees in sustainable way in their productive apiaries, without using any toxins while letting their bees cope with diseases. We will present You surveys and observations of people who try to seek the true nature of the bees and their needs as a species. We will show You how they use this knowledge to organize an apiary, which will benefit the health of the bees. We will also tell You about our local experiences and efforts of changing our apiaries to be more bee-friendly. We hope to inspire You to seek Your own methods of keeping bees in which they will always be most important.